Sally Moon

About Me

Healthcare has always been a passion of mine. From working on individuals with disabilities, to life changing Rehabilitation, many therapies, within Healthcare, have given me much experience of understanding the human body.

My educational path, eventually led me to Thailand to learn the traditional methods of Eastern medicine and Thai Massage.  I trained with a Thai Master of Thai Yoga and Thai Massage, and worked with Thai senior citizens on the importance of flexibility.  These teachings taught me to work more like an elephant and not a dog.  From techniques, such as breathing properly while performing massage, to proper body mechanics, have become very useful in my everyday routines. 

By creating a health plan suited for any individual that may be athletic, recovering from injury, or preventing injury, I can help them achieve better mobility and flexibility. If the goal is stress related and/or anxiety, results can be achieved for better sleep patterns as well as decreasing issues with muscle tensions that occur with stress or anxiety.  We can get to the underlying cause of your issue and address it together through physio care and massage.



My credentials: 

 Bayada Assisted Care, St. Petersburg, FL

Rehabilitation in Urgent Care, Orlando, FL

Valencia & UCF degrees in Biology

TMC Traditional Thai Massage, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Po Traditional Medical School, Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Yoga Massage School, Bangkok, Thailand

Touch Education, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Ocoee, FL

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club, Thai & Sports Massage Therapist, Orlando, FL

Physiotherapist at USTA

Hawks Cay Resort, Duck Key, FL Spa Massage Therapist

Physiotherapist and AIS practitioner at Lake Nona Golf and Country Club, Orlando, FL